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Plixer FlowPro

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:15 pm
by pauld
When investigations need to take place, security professionals depend on solutions that contain all the communication details. FlowPro™ absorbs all network traffic and exports flows to your flow collection solution. Each gigabit interface is dedicated to a selected portion of your network.

When a key application slows down, what utilities give the IT Team insight into the nature of the latency issue? Flow traffic analysis is often needed across the network with end to end visibility on network connections. Often times this is required on a hop-by-hop basis. What are the applications on your network? Who is using these applications and how often? These are the questions you will have answers to.

More information can be found on the Plixer FlowPro website.

Re: Plixer FlowPro

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:40 am
by Jeff M
Thanks for the information!

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact support (207)-324-8805 x4


Re: Plixer FlowPro

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:02 am
by erkucuk

Is it possible to listen on 10Git port?

Best Regards,

Re: Plixer FlowPro

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:06 am
by tomp
Yes, if you cannot accomplish this via your virtual infrastructure we have an appliance that can accomplish this.

Let me know if you'd like additional details.