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Scrutinizer 6.0.1 released

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:44 am
by benp
Plixer is pleased to announce the release of 6.0.1. This release is
considered a patch to reported issues during the initial 6.0.0 release. A
couple things to note about 6.0.1:

- there have been some behavior rule changes to configuring custom reports
(see change log below)
- 6.0.1 will be required in order to use NBA or the Central Interface (v2)

Plixer encourages that anyone running a version prior to 6.0.1 upgrade to
the latest version.

The downloads are available from our website for download. You can download
them directly below:

Full Install:
Upgrade: ... nglish.exe

Below is the complete changelog for 6.0.0 to 6.0.1.

Version 6.0.1 - 6/9/2008


It is important to backup your database before upgrading any software.

******************************** IMPORTANT ********************************

Customer Reports have been modified so that:

* Multiple interfaces on the same device can be added
* Interfaces added cannot be marked as excluded
* interfaces across multiple devices can be added however:
- it is limited to one instance per device
- the 2nd instance number must be identical to the first
device added (i.e. interface 1 on router A and interface 1 on router
It will not allow interface 1 on router A and interface 2 on router B.

Also, any existing report that has exclusions on an interface will need to
be modified. The front-end will tell you (from the tree menu) which reports
need adjusting.

These changes will provide more accurate reporting with certain criteria
combinations. If you do not change the report criteria, it can cause
misrepresentation of IP addresses on interfaces and in some cases overstate
traffic totals. Our intention with reporting was to represent the criteria
of a custom report as a single device. However, users are beginning to use
differently and therefore these adjustments need to be made for this
minor release.

We will rework custom reporting in 7.0 without the restrictions applied by
this patch release.

******************************** IMPORTANT ********************************

Version 6.0.1 - 06/09/2008

- Syslogs once again are sent for "Netflow stop on device/interfaces"
- Fixed an issue with custom Netflow v9 templates
- Fixed issue where MyView tab would display for users who didn't have
access to it and MyView was the system wide default tab
- Background images for maps will now handle special characters in the
- Fixed issue with saving GPS coordinates from interfaces other than GPS
- Fixed behavior with creating connections for Denika reports in the map
- Fixed a javascript where some users could not save Settings ->
- Settings -> Configuration will now accept SMTP servers with numbers and
- Corrected javascript issue for some users looking at Google Maps
- Fixed issue with DNS resolution that caused permanent hosts to be
- Fixed issue where Autonomous Systems would popup 2 windows when source is
- Help files have been updated and some corrections made
- clicking the <- icon twice in the help search results caused tabs to load
in tabs
- Scrutinizer now notifies users when excessive Netflow packets exceeds 400+
- fixed security issue which wouldn't allow users to only have Settings
- fixed an issue with custom reports that would allowed exclusions of
- only 1 unique interface is allowed per custom report if more than 1 device
is specified
- Scrutinizer will now build dependencies on MySQL at install
- fixed issue where hitting enter in the alarm's search wouldn't perform a
- fixed issue where longitude and latitude were reversed in the map
- fixed a filtering issue in the alarms tab
- Prepared Scrutinizer for Network Behavior Analysis module