Cisco Nexus sampled netflow

Scrutinizer is an enterprise/business class NetFlow and sFlow analysis tool. Scrutinizer provides historical trends of the company's critical network interfaces as well as the details on:

Who: The end system causing the traffic
What: The application/protocol that is being used
When: The time frame it has been occurring for
Where: The network connection that is affected

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Cisco Nexus sampled netflow

Post by Peter » Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:36 pm

We have Cisco Nexus 7000 with 3 VDC's:
1- Management
2 - M2 modules
3- F2 Modules

Netflow from VDC-2 with the M2 modules is working and flows seen in Scrutinizer.

Netflow from VDC-3 with F2 modules does not show any flows in Scrutinizer. The difference in Nexus configuration is F2 modules only support sampled netflow. Otherwise configuration is identical.
Scritunizer has VDC-3 switch shown in green so it is receiving something from the Nexus.

Has anyone successfully configured Neflow on Cisco Nexus with F2 modules to Scrutinizer?


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Re: Cisco Nexus sampled netflow

Post by JakeB » Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:14 am

Hello Peter -

I've attached below a link to a Nexus 7K Configuration blog, I would check the second half of the blog to make sure that you have the sampler enabled. Let me know if this helps. ... w-support/


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