Ports Question

Scrutinizer is an enterprise/business class NetFlow and sFlow analysis tool. Scrutinizer provides historical trends of the company's critical network interfaces as well as the details on:

Who: The end system causing the traffic
What: The application/protocol that is being used
When: The time frame it has been occurring for
Where: The network connection that is affected

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Ports Question

Post by rannday » Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:16 pm

Can I use the same port number on all my devices through my network? Right now, each device has a unique port number, starting at, e.g. 4301, 4302, 4303, etc...

I'm having issues saving the ports I use in scrutinizer, for one, so I'm wondering if I just change all the device's ports to the same, and use only one port in the settings, if that will make a difference or if it's even doable.

There error I'm getting when I try to change the port numbers is:

function saveConfSubCat(): Error error, Internal Server Error


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Re: Ports Question

Post by Chris » Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:17 am

Usually there is no real need to assign a dedicated flow port to a single device. Major sender groups are already distinguished by the default ports (i.e 4739 for IPFIX, 9993/9995 Netflow, 2055 Netflow/AVC/WLCs etc) and Scrutinizer is able to and will differentiate based on the Flow Senders Source IP anyway.

I am not sure what you would gain from a single Port for each device, except some more details in the vitals tab maybe. But you would see the same in the Metrics by Sender instead of by Port.

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