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ISE 2.1 and Scrutinizer integration issue

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:14 pm
by aswanson

I'm running scutinizer 16.11.1565721 with Advanced Reporting and Flow Analytics licencing. I followed the documentation to integrate Scrutinizer with ISE

I have ERS enabled (read only) with an account setup as per the instructions. I configured Scrutinizer using scrut_util.exe to point to the secondary PAN/MnT node in my deployment.

When I go to Status > Views > usernames I can see all the ISE Active Connections for MAB/802.1x

There is currently only one connected 802.1x device - a domain joined PC with windows 7 supplicant set to machine or user authentication. It is authenticated to ISE successfully with its machine account but in Scrutinizer its username/datasource is displayed as:

username: <scrutinizer administrator account name>
datasource: username

Any ideas on how to pull the correct 802.1x username from ISE?