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Upgrade to SOEv3, Denika v7/Logalot v5

Post by tomp » Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:58 pm

First, I'd like to note that Denika v7 and Logalot v5 require updated license keys. In order to get a new license key, you will NEED an active maintenance contract. If you do not have an active maintenance contract, please contact Jay Court, [email protected].

Also, if you are a WebNM, WebTTS, or OStivity customer, please call into support (+1 207-324-8805 x4) before upgrading. Additional steps will need to be taken to accommodate your installation.

Now for the upgrade instructions:

*** Backup SOE directory prior to upgrades ***

1. Turn off pop-up blockers
2. Update to the latest 1.1.xx of update.cgi
3. Add soe_v3 custom variable to configuration editor

4. Do not update any more components go right to Plug-ins

5. Stop the Cron Service
6. Stop the SOE Notification Daemon service if it is running
7. Install SOEv3 plug-in
8. Close popup message window if applicable
9. Shut down all browsers
10. Open SOE, if no Menu button, enter: http://server_name/cgi-bin/update.cgi for URL
11. Make sure the denika-util.exe and poller.exe processes are not running.
12. Install the Denika 7 Plug-in
13. Stop Logalot services - Logalot Eventlogd, Logalot Syslogd, Logalot SMTPd, and Net-SNMP Trap Handler
14. Install Logalot 5 Plug-in
15. Run Update Manager and run all updates
16. Enter new licenses for Denika v7 and Logalot v5
17. Restart any Services that were stopped
18. Reset the users startup favorite in: Configuration -> User Manager -> General -> Startup Shortcut/Favorite (for the user that installed the upgrade) -- if necessary
19. Restart the apache service.

- Tom


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