Cisco Wireless Controllers

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Cisco Wireless Controllers

Post by dclick » Tue May 05, 2009 8:20 am

Hey folks. I have been using Denika for a while, but only looking at the reports that are "canned". Today, I wanted to add our Cisco Wireless Controllers, and I get the "unknown device" stuff.

Im new to this part of Denika, and was wondering if anyone else has added these types of devices before?
I dont know much about MRTG, other than what its function is supposed to do.

Any tips appritiated!

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Re: Cisco Wireless Controllers

Post by jghidoni » Tue May 05, 2009 8:53 am

Hi Don,

If Denika says "unknown device" duiring the discovery, then it means there is not already a Device template existing for that sysoid. When you discover that device, there should be a "click here" to continue to creating a Device template. You need to change the name of the template from the default, else it will not create correctly.

You will then need to select the reports from the list of available reports after the Device template is created. If the OIDs for this device differ from the reports that are available, you will need to create new Report templates also, using the Create Report Wizard.

The Device and Report template creation wizards are fairly easy to step through, however, if you require any assistance, please call Tech Support at 207-324-8805 x4.

- Joanne


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