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Report Manager

Post by zephyr » Wed May 08, 2013 4:10 am

Dear all,

I'm using Denika v7 with WhatsUp Standard v12.

The port was successfully added. and I can see its flow in "Port Utilization". But for a while, there was no flow information in it. In fact, the port had traffic.

I read the help files, it said,"Denika will disable reports if they are not collecting data."
Do you have any way to stop Denika closing this function ?

Looking forward your reply.

thank you,

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Re: Report Manager

Post by dalet0 » Fri May 17, 2013 10:55 am

Hello zephyr,

You can disable the function under "Menu > control center > Configuration editor > Denika > General".

You simply need to set "Days to disable reports" to 0 (zero).



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