Denika thresholds

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Denika thresholds

Post by alfwro » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:52 am

I need help understanding Denika thresholds.
Under Admin Tools>Thresholds>Report Types
there is a list of all generic reports with IN Thresholds (MIN MAX) and OUT Thresholds (MIN MAX)
I'm specifically trying to setup an alert for Storage Available on some of my server. In the Storage Available context what is the difference between In Threshold and Out Threshold
so if I want to setup an alert for servers with low storage i.e. less than 10%, where would i put it?


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Re: Denika thresholds

Post by jghidoni » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:54 pm

Hello alfwro,

The 'IN' and 'OUT' is referring to the ability to have data from 2 OIDs reporting in one mrtg report in Denika. Typically used in Port Utilization reports to denote Inbound and Outbound traffic.

For the Storage Available reports, the standard report template only uses 'IN', so in setting the thresholds for the disk space reports, then you only need to set thresholds for 'IN'.

So to set threshold if storage available drops below 10%, you would set IN MIN to 10%. When the Minimum level is violated, you would receive an alert.

- Joanne


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